Surgical Agenda

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Surgical Track

Session VIII-D: Debates in IBD Surgery

7:55 am

Welcome and introduction

8:00 am

Debate 1: The best technique for ileal pouch surgery: Top to bottom vs. Bottom to top

8:30 am

Discussion, synthesis, and consensus

8:40 am

Debate 2: The best permanent stoma in IBD patients: End vs. Continent ileostomy

9:10 am

Discussion, synthesis, and consensus

9:20 am

Debate 3: Do biologics heal anal fistulas? Definitely vs. Absolutely not

9:50 am

Discussion, synthesis, and consensus

10:00 am


Session IX-D: Challenges in IBD Surgery

10:30 am

When should a mucosectomy IPAA be done instead of a stapled IPAA?

10:50 am

How to optimally use robotics in IBD surgery

11:10 am

Can stem cell therapy treat Crohn's disease fistulae?

11:30 am

Does the choice of surgical technique impact recurrence rates following ileocolic resection for Crohn's disease?

11:50 am

What sphincter preserving operations can be performed in patients with large bowel Crohn's disease?

12:10 pm

Panel discussion

12:50 pm

Lunch break