Pediatric Agenda

Friday, November 10, 2017

Pediatric Track

Session VII-C: Progress in Pediatric IBD

Moderators: Sandra C. Kim, MD and Daniel von Allmen, MD

4:15 pm

Welcome and Introduction
Sandra C. Kim, MD and Daniel von Allmen, MD

4:25 pm

Pediatric IBD clinical year in review
Anne Griffiths, MD

4:45 pm

Advances in the use of nutrition for therapy in pediatric Crohn's disease
David Suskind, MD

5:05 pm

What are the challenges we face for pediatric patients who need surgery?
Daniel von Allmen, MD

5:25 pm

Case discussion: Challenges of self-image, sexuality; contraception and pregnancy in adolescents with IBD
Panelists: Marla Dubinsky, MD, Anne Griffiths, MD, and Sandra C. Kim, MD

5:55 pm

Panel discussion: Complex Pediatric IBD Cases

Case 1: Management of the hospitalized UC patient (Items to address include infectious sequelae- C. difficile; CMV; Medication dosing with high dose infliximab; Surgical timing)

Case 2: Management of the patient with complicated Crohn's disease

Moderators: Marla Dubinsky, MD and Sandra C. Kim, MD
Panel: Anne Griffiths, MD, David Suskind, MD, and Daniel von Allmen, MD

6:35 pm

Adjourn and reception

Marla Dubinsky, MD
Anne Griffiths, MD
Kim L. Isaacs, MD, PhD, FACG
David Suskind, MD
Daniel von Allmen, MD